Beat the Chasers praised for being 'absolutely excellent' after first episode

Beat the Chasers

Could you take on five Chasers?

Beat the Chasers (opens in new tab) aired on ITV1 last night, and fans were impressed by the first episode.

In this game show spin-off, contestants get the chance to take on between two or all five Chasers.

The more Chasers they face, the more money they play for. But of course, that's easier said than done.

The Beast, The Sinnerman, The Governess, The Vixen and The Dark Destroyer delighted fans with the new format on Monday's episode.

Beat the Chasers will air every day this week at 9pm and they've already left us on a cliffhanger ending.

Beat the Chasers

Bradley Walsh returns as much-loved host for Beat the Chasers.

In true Who Wants to be a Millionaire? style, quizzer Sally opted to take on all five Chasers for a whopping £75,000. And that's exactly where they chose to cut the first episode.

Viewers will have to tune in to tonight's episode to find out if Sally manages to walk away with the huge cash prize. The suspense is too much!

Before that we saw trainee paramedic Alex win £25,000 after taking on three Chasers, Paul, Jenny and Anne.

So there's been plenty of thrilling moments already and we've only seen one episode.

The opener has gone down very well with The Chase fans, with many taking to Twitter to praise the new format.

One wrote, "Catching up with #BeatTheChasers - love the format, the staging and the whole feel of it. Absolutely excellent!"

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Another fan even said they preferred it to the regular Chase, writing, "Watched #BeatTheChasers last night & sorry to say but i enjoyed it more than the normal #TheChase show"

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A third wrote, "Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed #BeatTheChasers last night. Brilliant & exciting concept, witty and great to see all the chasers working as one unit! Bravo"

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And a fourth added, "Loved the new show, can't wait for the next episode of #BeatTheChasers"

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We can't wait to tune in tonight and see how Sally did! Will she walk away with £75,000?

Beat the Chasers continues on ITV1 at 9pm.

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