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Belinda Owusu - things you didn't know about the Holby City and EastEnders star

Belinda Owusu
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From being on game shows to shoe shopping - there is more to Belinda Owusu than being part of the Holby City cast...

Belinda Owusu became a household name back in 2006 when she joined EastEnders as Libby Fox, the geeky daughter of current character, Denise Fox.

Since leaving Walford behind, the actress has been wowing fans with her portrayal of super-talented doctor Nicky McKendrick in BBC medical drama Holby City.

Most fans of the actress will know that:

  • Belinda joined Holby City in August 2017
  • She was nicknamed 'Squiggle' on EastEnders
  • Her character left the soap to go to Oxford University in 2010

But what else do we know about Belinda Owusu? Here are several things you probably don't know...

1. Belinda Owusu was only 16 when she joined the cast of EastEnders 

EastEnders Denise Fox Libby Fox

The actress played Denise's daughter, Libby Fox on EastEnders (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Belinda joined the Anna Fiorentini Theatre and Film School after winning a sponsorship for her place, which then helped her land her role as Libby Fox in EastEnders. She played the role between 2006 and 2010, but has revisited Albert Square since then in 2014 and 2017.

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2. Belinda Owusu is a campaigner against knife crime after losing her brother

Belinda's world was shattered back in 2016 when her younger brother Ziggy Worrell-Owusu was murdered during a row at a shisha club in London. Belinda has often spoken out about her brother's death, calling for his killer to come forward. At the time she told the press: "We have a big family and everyone is changed. We just want to know what happened and why it happened so we can have some closure."

3. She loves working on Holby because of her costume 

Belinda Owusu plays Nicky McKendrick in Holby City

Belinda is a huge fan of her character's scrubs on Holby City (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC)

Belinda admitted to that she loved working on Holby because her characters, Nicky, spends most of her time wearing scrubs, which are like pyjamas. The actress revealed: "They are basically like baggy pyjamas and so it is a joy to go to work and pop them on. Nothing is more comfortable! I also never get bored because each speciality has a different colour, so I regularly wear them in navy, plum and turquoise!"

4. She has been on gameshow The Weakest Link

In 2008 Belinda joined some of the other EastEnders cast members on gameshow The Weakest Link for charity. She ended up being the fourth contestant to be voted off.

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5. She didn't buy her first dress until she was in EastEnders 

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Belinda has confessed that when she was invited to her first British Soap Awards she'd never worn a dress or make up before. She told "I went to Debenhams and asked one of the Lancome consultants to make me up, then I bought all the make up she recommended. My dress was like a bridesmaid's style in black with a cream lining. I teamed it with my first ever pair of kitten heels from Clarks."

6. She is a fan of Shakespeare 

Belinda worked her acting socks off when she appeared at the Nuffield Theatre in 2011 playing Desdemona in William Shakespeare's Othello.

7. She owns more than 100 pair of shoes

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Belinda has admitted that she is a fan of shoes and has 100 pairs in total. She also loves a handbag and has about 30 in her wardrobe, but would never spend lots of money on designer clothes and accessories because she is worried she'd ruin them.

8. She announced she was pregnant on Instagram 

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Belinda shocked fans by announcing she was expecting her first child on social media when she was already 40 weeks pregnant! The actress managed to keep her pregnancy under wraps for a whole nine months and, in life imitating art, her character Nicky on Holby is also expecting a baby.

Belinda Owusu's Fact File 

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the actress....

How old is she?

Belinda Owusu's age is 31. She was born on 19th April 1989.

Where was she born?

Belinda Owusu was born in Hackney, London.

Is Belinda married?

Belinda has been with her partner, Michael Mackin for 1o years.

Does she have any children? 

Belinda Owusu is pregnant with her first child, due any day now.

Twitter: @therealowusu

Instagram: @immab

Holby City airs on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC One.

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