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Benidorm stars Hannah Waddingham and Bel Powley: 'We love Tonya and Bianca's terrible outfits!'

When they first started playing mother and daughter Tonya and Bianca Dyke in Benidorm, Hannah Waddingham and Bel Powley were stunned by the ridiculous outfits, but they soon grew to love their new look...

"At the beginning, Hannah and I looked at our outfits and said: 'Oh that's terrible'" admits Bel, who plays gobby Bianca. "But after a few weeks when we'd got in them, we were like: 'Oh that's quite nice, I like that one! Oh my god what's happening to me!'"

Hannah, who plays mouthy mum Tonya, adds: "With all the make up and fake tan I was given on the first day, the make-up artist had to call me aside to say: 'We really do need to put some more black eyeliner on you now!' and I was a bit against it. Later though it would have felt weird not to have it to go with Tonya's outfits."

It's the fun factor of the costumes which won both actresses over.

"It was fantastic, like playing dress up every day," says Bel. "Getting a spray tan every three days and wearing talons like we do..."

Hannah, who's also a West End stage star, felt the same: "Eventually we were walking past naff shoe shops and thought: 'Ooh they're hideous, but I'd love to try them on' so we did! I'm 5ft 11in anyway and then they gave me 4in heeled shoes so I felt absolutely enormous."

In this Thursday's episode of Benidorm, there's trouble afoot when some of the guests, including Bianca, take part in a hog-roast eating contest. But the meat isn't the best quality and there are more than a few casualties.

Meanwhile, Tonya takes Janice Garvey (Siobhan Finneran) to a very expensive beauty spa for a pampering session that doesn't go according to plan...

Benidorm screens on ITV this Thursday at 9pm.