Black Mirror fans can now sign up for their own Streamberry account

Black Mirror season 6: an image of the series poster for Joan Is Awful
The Streamberry site from Black Mirror's Joan is Awful is now a reality. (Image credit: Netflix)

Black Mirror season 6 is currently been streamed all over the world with viewers tuning in to the next instalment of twisted tales. And now fans can get a slice of Black Mirror in reality.

In the season's first episode, Joan is Awful, we were introduced to the fictional Streamberry streaming service, whose library was a direct parody of Netflix. We learned a lot of shady stuff about the entertainment company, including what was going on behind closed doors.

If you've seen the episode you'll know all about that, and it's actually quite scary just how much Streamberry can get away with once you've signed up to a seemingly innocent streaming service.

But if you're brave, Streamberry is now inviting people to sign up and create their own [Name] is Awful series. The exciting and mildly terrifying concept was shared on Black Mirror's Twitter account.

Luring people in, they simply wrote "Sign up for Streamberry today!" alongside a link to the Streamberry website. 

While we're pretty sure they're not actually going to steal the use of our image and create a TV show about our lives, it looks pretty convincing. The new website gives fans the opportunity to see themselves on the Streamberry library.

You have to agree to some terms and conditions first but hey, how bad could they be right? Once you've got that far, there are some exciting Steamberry originals that make reference to some of Black Mirror's previous episodes.

The Streamberry service features a "six-part documentary event" called The Callow Years, focusing on Rory Kinnear's Prime Minister from the very first episode of the anthology. 

We all know what horrible decision he had to come to, so no doubt the documentary will be heavily focused on that turning point in his life. Unfortunately for him.

Meanwhile, two Bandersnatch-inspired projects make an appearance including Mad Mind: The Jerome F. Davies story, focusing on the man behind the original game, and another called Finding Ritman, about Will Poulter's programmer character Colin Ritman.

None of these shows actually exist, however, but it's still a pretty fun Easter egg for long-time fans of the show and connects this weird and wonderful dystopian universe together.

Black Mirror season 6 is streaming exclusively on Netflix. 

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