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16 Claude Littner Faces To Strike Terror Into The Apprentice Hearts!

When Claude's face said it best

Claude Littner has a demeanour that has reduced a hundred Apprentice contestants to jelly. Here are 16 of his most frightening expressions

The Apprentice candidates should beware, TV's most fearsome reality TV personality Claude Littner is back and he's as uncompromising as ever.

We've chosen 16 looks that sum up exactly why Claude is the scourge of the wannabe millionaires.

1. When you explain you're just like Lord Sugar because you grew up in east London

Claude Littner angry


2. When someone comes up with a naff team name, like Addendum or Varnish or Winnerbot

Claude Littner grumpy


3. When your CV claims you're fluent in Swahili, so he asks a question... in Swahili

Claude Littner surprised


4. When he's just realised this is the most clueless team that has ever appeared on The Apprentice

Claude Littner incompetence


5. When he reads a children's book that didn't sell one unit...

Claude Littner looking at book


6. ...then, in the boardroom, the project manager claims the kiddie focus group loved it

Claude Littner tries surprised


7 . When an Apprentice fails to sell a thing on a task, but claims they're a brilliant salesperson in the 'real world'

Claude Littner annoyed


8. When Lord Sugar agrees 100% with his assessment...

Claude Littner backing up


9. ...And when he doesn't

Claude Littner hearing things


10. When an Apprentice completely drops themselves in it

Claude Littner looks away


11. When he realises the task is a slow-motion disaster of Biblical proportions

Claude Littner embarrassed


12. When an Apprentice tells a blatant lie in the boardroom

Claude Littner acting surprised


13. When he finds a weak spot in a candidate's CV

Claude Littner shocked


14. When someone claims they're going to win the show, but Lord Sugar fires them in week one

Claude Littner satisfied


15. When an Apprentice makes a joke

Claude Littner walks


16. When an Apprentice explains why they're destined to be Lord Sugar's heir apparent

Claude Littner pleased


The Apprentice returns to BBC1 on Thursday, October 6

Images by BBC and REX Features