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Blu-ray review | The Fall of the House of Usher (1960) | Roger Corman’s gothic classic rises again in HD


THE STORY Philip Winthrop (Mark Damon) arrives at the crumbling New England mansion of the Usher family to seek out his fiancée Madeleine (Myrna Fahey) and is promptly warned by her brother Roderick (Vincent Price) against marriage because the family is cursed with a strange malady that sends them mad. When Madeleine suddenly dies, Philip goes into mourning and his intended bride is quickly interred in the family crypt. But he is unaware that Roderick has buried his catatonic sister alive…

Vincent Price in House of Usher

THE LOWDOWN When B-movie maestro Roger Corman hired Vincent Price to star in his adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s 1839 short story, he set in motion a series of Poe-influenced movies that would redefine American cinema history. The late Richard Matheson's faithful script is enhanced by Floyd Crosby's stylish cinematography, but it's Vincent Price's anguished conviction in one of his signature roles that makes the film so chillingly memorable over half a century on.


THE ARROW VIDEO RELEASE In a world first, Arrow presents a Region B HD Blu-ray (1080p) presentation of the feature, transferred and restored using the original film elements by MGM and original uncompressed 2.0 Mono PCM Audio. Optional SDH subtitles. The extras include a Roger Corman audio commentary, three exclusive featurettes, a 1986 interview with Price, trailer and booklet.

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