Blue Planet 2: Fans worried about nightmares after those very scary fish!

Blue Planet 2 Episode 2 The Deep Sunday 5th November
(Image credit: Photograph by Espen Rekdal copyright BBC NHU 2017)

Blue Planet 2 headed into deep water and, erm, found cute chaps like this!

Viewers were left worrying about having nightmares after the latest instalment of Blue Planet 2, which featured the fearsome looking fangtooth fish (pictured).

Sir David Attenborough’s BBC nature series – usually heralded as “calming” and “soothing” enough to make fans nod off – ventured into The Deep on Sunday night, looking at some of the unusual creatures living at the bottom of the ocean - check out our episode guide to see what's coming up.

They included fish that walk instead of swimming, worms that feed exclusively on bones and shrimps that spend most of their lives imprisoned with their mate in a cage of crystal sponge.

Viewers thought the subject matter was a little frightening.

“Why do I watch #BLUEPLANET when I’m alone?? ‘Zombie Worms’….that’s tonight’s nightmare then!” posted one person on Twitter.

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“Some of these creatures look like the mutant toys in Toy Story,” said another.

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One fan admitted: “The Depths’ are basically my worst nightmare. This is why I never jump off boats to go swimming.”

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“Is like scary movie this week. Everything menacing,” tweeted another.

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One viewer said: “If someone told me I was watching a scary sci fi film with alien attacks I would believe them.”

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“I signed up for a calming nature show and I’ve just been shown all the creatures from my nightmares and a fish with a foot,” said another.

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Nightmares aside, viewers declared it a fitting end to the week.

“Watching #BluePlanet in the bath and could not be more relaxed if I tried. Perfect way to feel on a Sunday evening,” said one fan.

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The seven-part programme was filmed over four years and is a sequel to the 2001 original series.

Film crews mounted 125 expeditions across 39 countries to capture footage which Sir David has called “astounding”.

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