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Bradley and Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad cancelled tonight! Find out new start date

Bradley and Barney Walsh Breaking Dad
(Image credit: ITV)

Bradley Walsh and his son Barney return for another high-octane series of Breaking Dad as they travel through Europe

Bradley Walsh is a glutton for punishment! The first two series of ITV travelogue Breaking Dad saw the star of The Chase and Doctor Who join his son Barney on a variety of action-packed escapades as they travelled across America in a motorhome. Now, they are back for more as they drive across Europe, sampling the local culture and another batch of adrenaline-fuelled activities along the way.

Here’s everything we know about Bradley and Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad….

When is Bradley and Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad on?

The six-part series was meant to start on Monday 4th January on ITV. But the new start date is Monday 11th January at 8pm. It has been moved because Prime Minister Boris Johnson is going to make a TV address now at 8pm.

What’s it about?

Bradley Walsh and his son Barney hop into their RV to journey from the Netherlands to Italy’s Amalfi Coast, taking in Germany, Switzerland and Slovenia en route.

I love just seeing different places. I’ve never been to the Netherlands and it was great and Slovenia is unbelievable,” says Bradley. “I loved meeting different people, it was just amazing.”

Barney Walsh Breaking Dad canal jumping

Barney Walsh tries canal jumping in the Netherlands in Breaking Dad (Image credit: ITV)

What adventures do Bradley and Barney have?

In each country, Barney subjects Bradley to a host of gruelling challenges. While they try canal jumping, track cycling and scale the world’s tallest climbing wall in the Netherlands, in Germany they take part in Bavarian finger wrestling, and in Italy they have a go at gladiatorial fighting.

“There’s a bit of everything – rock climbing, pole vaulting across rivers and going to a velodrome with a world champion. That was something quite spectacular,” says Barney. “But the highlights for me are just sitting in the RV with dad, chatting and having that quality time.”

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Is there a trailer?

Yep, and it sees Bradley telling lots of jokes. See if they make you laugh...

Bradley and Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad begins on Monday 11th January on ITV at 8pm (see our TV Guide for full listings). Please note this is a week later than originally scheduled.