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Britain's Best Parent? on C4 - start date, format, presenter and everything you need to know

Host Anita Rani with Joana

Anita Rani will be searching for the nation's leading mums and dads...

Britain's Best Parent, a new C4 series is on a mission to find the best parents in Britain, - and 12 sets of families have stepped up to answer the call. Here's everything we know.

Britain's Best Parent? start date: when will it launch on C4?

The series will begin on Thursday 28 May on Channel 4 at 8.05pm, and will run for five weeks.

Who will be presenting it?

Countryfile host Anita Rani is lined up to present the series. Each week, she will chair a debate in the studio as the parents argue in favour of their own style of child-raising.

"It's one of those subjects that everybody's interested in," says Anita. "Whether you've got kids or not, everybody has an opinion on parenting. And as a presenter, to be able to do a big studio show like that is a great opportunity to flex a few different muscles. I loved it!"

Britain's Best Parent? format: how does the show work?

There are 12 sets of parents taking part in the show, and three of them will feature in each episode.

"They have three distinct styles of parenting, and they all have a chance to parent each other's children," says Anita. "Then in the studio they watch how their children get on with each other's parenting styles, and they justify why they choose to bring their children up the way they do."

"Then, the studio audience decides who has the best parenting style in that week," continues Anita. "The winners of each four episodes go through to the final - then we decide Britain's Best Parent!"

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What do we know about the parents taking part?

The first episode profiles three very different styles of parenting. Joana believes in "gender fluid" parenting, and raises her five-year-old son outside of traditional gender stereotypes.

Kevin and Kerry, on the other hand, prefer what they call "lazy parenting": they adopt a hands-off approach that they believe helps their two boys become more independent, and teaches them to accept the consequences of their decisions.

Parents Kevin and Kerry in the studio

Self-described 'lazy parents' Kevin and Kerry see how their children got on (Picture: Channel 4)

Rin and Robin take inspiration from Eastern culture and philosophy - they're keen on routine and strict boundaries, and with a strong focus on education and martial arts, they hope to make 'scholar warriors' of their son and daughter.

"It's only when we get into the studio and they meet the other parents that they realise, 'oh wow, we do things really differently'," says Anita. "I don't want to give too much away, but in some episodes there are moments when it gets quite emotional! But there's a good reason why there's emotion - it's quite a sensitive subject matter, and we're talking about big subjects like education, meals, screentime and discipline."