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Call the Midwife finale: Is this the end for Nonnatus House's finest?

Call the Midwife
(Image credit: BBC / Neal Street Productions)

Helen George reveals all about the series finale of Call the Midwife and the fight to save Nonnatus House

Nonnatus House has been under threat of demolition in this series of the Call the Midwife. But in the dramatic finale, the stakes are raised even higher as the team are told their budget is being cut and their rent is being raised, placing their future in grave and imminent danger.

Can Trixie, played by Helen George, lead the fight to save their beloved home?

Helen George tells us more about the explosive finale of Call the Midwife

What can you reveal about the Call Midwife finale?

Helen George: “It’s a great coming together of the Nonnatus community, we are always at our best when fighting a cause and we are trying to save our home and workplace. Trixie is nominated to make a speech to the health board to save Nonnatus House. She uses her passion and determination to do what she can, and you’ll have to see if she succeeds or not…”

There’s also a Bonfire Night celebration in the finale. Was that fun to film?

HG: “It was lovely and cosy, it was actually raining on the night that we filmed but we were wrapped up and it was a joy to have the whole cast in. The crew did a brilliant job that night.”

Fred and Reggie Bonfire Night Call the Midwife

Fred (Cliff Parisi) and Reggie (Daniel Laurie) prepare for Bonfire Night on Call the Midwife (Image credit: BBC / Neal Street Productions)

What have you enjoyed about this series?

HG: “Trixie has had some great storylines this year and it's lovely to work with some terrific guest actors. The reaction on the street is very kind - I can’t believe people are still watching in such high numbers after nine years!”

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What do you still love about being in the show after nearly a decade?

HG: “I’ve grown up with Trixie to be honest. It has definitely changed my career and given me some brilliant opportunities.”

You’ve just been performing in My Cousin Rachel on stage. Has that been rewarding? 

HG: "It has been wonderful and a real treat to play a completely different character. Theatre is a magical experience and it's so important to me to be able to do both stage and screen, I’m very privileged and I never take that for granted.”

The finale of Call the Midwife airs on BBC1 at 8pm on Sunday 23rd February