Can you use YouTube TV with Roku?

Best answer: Yes! Roku is one of the supported platforms for YouTube TV.

Amazon: Roku Ultra (opens in new tab) ($89)

Can you watch YouTube TV on a Roku?

Yes! While Amazon and YouTube don't get along , YouTube and Roku have had a comfy relationship for years now. Not only is the proper YouTube app available, YouTube TV is also available on your favorite Roku device.

Why this is the Roku for you

There are Roku streaming sticks as inexpensive as $35, all of which will work with YouTube TV. And if you just want something for YouTube TV, those would be a better purchase. Not many channels provide content in 4K yet, and by the time they do, the 4K Roku boxes will be less expensive than they are now. But you probably want your streaming box for Netflix or Hulu , and maybe some purchases from Google Play Movies and TV . These CAN be in 4K, so if you have a new 4K TV, you may as well spend the extra on a more capable streaming box.

Plus, as more things get 4K support, you'll be prepared.