When you think of streaming, a lot of services come to mind. But it wasn't always like that. We didn't always have so many choices.

In the beginning, there was Netflix.

And those of us of a certain age even remember a time when Netflix soley was a DVD rental company. You'd pay 'em to send a DVD or two at a time. Watch the flick, the mail it back.

Times certainly have changed. Netflix still does DVDs, believe it or not, but streaming is where it's at. In addition to movies, Netflix has a world of television shows, and its own original content. You could lose years of your life just browsing through the things you've never heard of, produced for and by Netflix.

Netflix plans and pricing

Netflix doesn't have to break the bank. Streaming plans start as low as $7.99 a month. That gets you one stream at one time on one device, and only in standard definition resolution. But you still have access to everything in the Netflix repository.

The high-end plan tops out at $13.99 a month. For that you get simultaneous streaming on up to four devices, and in full 4K UHD resolution. That's not bad.

And, yeah. Netflix still does DVDs, if you're into that sort of thing.

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How to sign up for Netflix

What devices does Netflix work on?

In a word? Everything. Pretty much everything. Point is, if there's a device out there that doesn't run Netflix, you don't want it. (Or at least you don't want it to watch video on, anyway. Your toaster probably shouldn't have a screen on it.)

All your mobile devices have Netflix. Phones and tablets. All the major streaming hardware has access to Netflix. And if you haven't shelled out for a Roku or Apple TV or Android TV, a simple Chromecast device will get Netflix onto your TV with ease, too.

A number of smart TVs have Netflix built into them as well — so you might not even need a separate app.

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What's new on Netflix each month?

One of the cool things (or one of the worst things, depending on your point of view) about Netflix is that its lineup changes from month to month. New titles come, old titles go. So if you've been browsing around and just can't find anything to watch, it won't be that long before there are new TV shows and movies and specials and originals for you to spend time on.

And if you think keeping track of all that is difficult, well, you're right. Fortunately we've done the heavy lifting for you.

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