How to sign up for Netflix


Look, signing up for Netflix is one of those rites of passage. Like getting a driver's license or learning to mow the yard for the first time. Or something like that.

Point is, everyone has their first time. And there's no shame in that. So here's how you — yes, you — can sign up for your very own Netflix account.

How to sign up for Netflix on your computer

Look, maybe I'm old but I still prefer to sign up for things on a good, old-fashioned computer when I can. It's just quicker and easier.

So to sign up for Netflix on a computer, just point your browser to . That'll get you started on the process. You'll need to have your credit card at the ready, of course — though you also can use PayPal if that's what you prefer — and you'll need to come up with a good Netflix password. (If you're not using a Password Manager for that sort of thing, now's a great time to start.

How to sign up on Netflix on Android

This one's pretty easy, too. Just load up the Netflix app for Android . Then choose the sign up button on the main screen.

How to sign up for Netflix on on iOS

You also can sign up for Netflix directly from the iOS app . First you'll choose your plan, supply an email address and come up with a password, and then you're on your way.