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Look who’s guest starring in Casualty. It's only a Brookside legend!

Mason confronts Mark outside the ED in Casualty
Look who's causing trouble for Mason Reede in <a href="/casualty-home/" data-source-seowords>Casualty</a> (Image credit: BBC)

As wife killer Max Farnham in Brookside actor Stephen Pinder caused chaos on the close! Now he’s coming to Casualty…

Casualty guest star Stephen Pinder is best remembered for his prominent role in iconic C4 soap Brookside where he played love rat Max Farnham from 1990 until the show wrapped up in 2003.

During his time on Brookside Close Max memorably cheated on his second wife Patricia (Gabrielle Glaister) with first wife Susannah (Karen Drury), who he later went on to push down the stairs to her death.

Casualty guest star Stephen Pinder during his Brookside days

Casualty guest star Stephen Pinder during his Brookside days. He was a classic soap baddie as love rat Max Farnham (pic: PA Archive/PA Images) (Image credit: PA Archive/PA Images)

Since leaving Brookside Stephen has mostly focused on theatre and has starred in Abigail’s Party and the West End musical Wicked as Doctor Dillamond. This week however he makes a welcome return to TV when he guest stars in Casualty as jealous husband, Mark.

Dramatic twists and turns unfold while Mark is spying on his wife Gina (Lesley Harcourt) and Paul (Paul Albertson) her golf instructor…

Mark becomes incandescent with rage when the pair head to a wooded area for some one-on-one practice. He lobs golf balls at the cheating couple, but when Gina’s struck on the head, Mark runs off, only to injure himself in the process!

Waiting until paramedics Lev and Ruby have collected his wife and her lover, Mark then calls an ambulance for himself. At the ED Mark desperately attempts to hide from Gina. Meanwhile, medics are baffled by a mystery illness afflicting Paul… Junior doctor Mason has his suspicions but can he prove anything?

Worried Charlie in Casualty on the phone at work

Charlie is struggling to cope in Saturday's Casualty as Duffy worsens (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile in Saturday's episode of the BBC1 hit Charlie reaches breaking point when Duffy's dementia worsens. Charlie ends up taking his frustrations out on patients and co-workers.

All is revealed when Casualty airs on Saturday 07 December 2019 at 9.20pm