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Casualty legend Charlie could KILL as he battles grief

Stressed and sad, Charlie in Casualty
(Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Casualty spoiler: Derek Thompson reveals why furious Charlie QUITS the ED

Casualty favourite Charlie Fairhead has been so devastated by the sudden death of his wife Duffy that his colleagues fear he could accidentally kill patients!

This Saturday in Casualty, after getting the head’s up from nurse Jacob Masters (Charles Venn), Director of Nursing Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher (Holby City’s Alex Walkinshaw) pays a visit to the ED.

And thank goodness he does… as tragedy strikes when Charlie fails to notify the medical staff about a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) on elderly dementia patient Cynthia, who has an underlying heart condition.

“Charlie’s going through a protracted crisis since Duffy’s death,” reveals Derek Thompson, who plays him. “He absolutely can’t cope with his grief and not managing it at all.”

This week’s serious breach in protocol forces Fletch to take stressed Charlie aside to discuss how he’s coping. But Charlie feels he’s being scapegoated and loses his temper!

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While talking to Fletch furious Charlie twigs that one of his colleagues has made a complaint about him. He marches into the ED and accuses nurse David Hide (Jason Durr) of running to Fletch!

Charlie then turns on young nurse Jade Lovall, who’s utterly devastated about the DNR mistake, before Jacob confesses he’s the one who raised concerns… Fletch’s attempts to calm the situation down fail and Charlie dramatically quits his 40-year nursing career!

“Charlie feels he’s being unfairly treated and has a grudge against the department. He’s reacting erratically,” says Derek, 71. “We’re used to Charlie being the voice of reason, taking his time and thinking things through. But here he’s ricocheting around the place like a woodpecker in a tiled bathroom.

“He’s going off like a firework and losing his temper when he shouldn’t be. He’s pretty much a broken man.”

Is this final straw the end of an era?

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Interview with Casualty legend Derek Thompson by Hannah Davies