Casualty star Kirsty Mitchell teases deadly new twist in Faith and Dylan's love affair

Faith breaks down in tears while talking to Dylan last year
In the past Dylan has been a shoulder for Faith to cry on. This week in <a href="/casualty-home/" data-source-seowords>Casualty</a>, can he save her life? (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty unleashes a dramatic new chapter in Faith Cadogan and Dylan Keogh’s love affair. Star Kirsty Mitchell tells us more…

Casualty favourites Dylan Keogh and Faith Cadogan go on the journey of their lives in BBC1’s medical drama this week when the ambulance they’re travelling in is blindsided by a lorry and left seesawing on the edge of the docks.

The misfortune medics have buried feelings for each other but have been estranged since Dylan revealed Faith’s husband Lev (Uriel Emil) had an affair.

In Saturday’s thrilling episode Faith is trapped, injured and losing consciousness in the back of the vehicle. Meanwhile Dylan (William Beck) surveys the carnage and tries to figure out how to free Faith before the ambulance is plunged into icy waters below.

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Casualty star Kirsty Mitchell, who plays Faith Cadogan, gave us a call to tell us more. Here Kirsty, 46, reveals just how Casualty managed to film these incredible stunts and emotional scenes on a Covid-secure set…

Casualty have put together another amazing episode. Can you reveal how Dylan and Faith come to be in this deadly situation?

Kirsty Mitchell: “Faith has a patient with a heart condition [who needs to be transferred] and Dylan is the only consultant available. This is how they end up shoved together in an ambulance!”

Faith looking wistful before the crash

It's complicated. Faith weighs up her marriage to Lev and feelings for Dylan Keogh in Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

Is that really stressful for them both, given they’ve been avoiding each other?

KM: “Well, Faith is already in a bit of a mad space. [She recently confronted Lev about his affair and is questioning their marriage] She doesn’t want to talk to Dylan, but they’re stuck together so she tries to have a bit of a conversation to get rid of some of the awkwardness.”

Dylan injured and in shock after a fatal crash in Casualty

Dylan Keogh injured and in shock after a fatal crash in this week's Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

The crash scenes are intense. How did Casualty manage to film them?

KM: “With the stunts they’ve done a great job. We had a whole different story planned that was supposed to be underwater. This was a massive relief for me because I hate going under water! The writers are really clever and changed everything up, rewriting it with Dylan outside. There’s a lot of very smart people working things out. Filming is a lot more choreographed. You have to trust your directors. They have a vision and know how they’re going to put it all together.”

What does that mean for you during filming?

KM: [Laughing] “Sometimes I’m talking to midair! It’s very difficult to film the emotional scenes or do anything physical. A lot of scenes have had to change pace or the direction they were going in. A lot of talented people are doing their utmost to make it work. How Casualty managed to do these scenes is amazing - we have dummies that we hug! [In this Casualty episode] I had to hold ‘Lev’ up on my toes to get the right height!”

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That must be so weird!

KM: “We’re still trying to tell a story as much as possible, but there are a lot of very unnatural things happening on camera that are not being seen. [Hopefully] we’re getting stories across and the audience are still enjoying it. Please forgive us if things have slightly changed and you’re not getting the satisfaction out of relationships, but we’re very restricted. The writers and producers have done an amazing job of converting the storylines to work in the environment right now.”

Speaking of storylines… It looks like certain death for Faith, and perhaps Dylan too. We know there are at least two deaths in this episode. What can you reveal?

KM: “It’s a very dramatic episode. Dylan and Faith - will they? Won’t they? Are they going to die? The suspense is thrilling for people invested in the Dylan-Faith-Lev storyline. We get to see how everyone really feels about everybody else! It’s dramatic and sad. Tears were pouring down my face…”

Find out if Faith and Dylan live or die when this episode of Casualty airs on BBC1, Saturday 23 January at 7.45pm

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