Casualty star Jason Durr on David's TROUBLED relationship with son Ollie

Does watchful Rosa have something to tell David about his son in Casualty?
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Casualty star Jason Durr gives us the lowdown on David and Ollie Hide’s latest father and son troubles

It’s time for home truths for father and son David and Ollie Hide when Casualty airs this Saturday on BBC1.

We talked to Jason Durr, who plays Casualty nurse David Hide.

Here he reveals why Ollie (Harry Collett) and David need hospital porter Rosa Cadenas (Jacey Salles) to help them see their relationship more clearly…

Ollie opens up to Rosa during a walk in the park

A walk in the park! Ollie open up to Rosa (Image credit: BBC)

Events kick off when frustrations boil over while playing a board game. Why are David and Ollie finding it difficult living together?

Jason Durr: "David and Ollie have both had their issues in the past. The fact that Ollie had to go off to live in Spain with his mum means David didn’t have a day-to-day relationship with him. David has missed a lot of Ollie’s childhood – not through any fault of his own, just that his ex wife, Roslene lived in a different country. And that, by definition has made things difficult."

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How does that play out this week?

JD: "There’s a lot of miscommunication. We’re trying to unpick and unravel all those years of misunderstandings and miscommunication. It’s never easy to heal those wounds. I think David and Ollie do love each other but they’re just finding their way, which is really interesting."

David with Ollie in the ED before he left to live with his mum

David with Ollie before he left to live with his mum in Spain (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Is David having trouble juggling work and parenthood?

JD: "David wants to be with his son and that’s absolutely at the forefront of his mind and top of his list. But working in a hospital can make it very difficult. Being a single dad and trying to get their relationship working again comes with pitfalls. Because David’s working in a hospital he has everybody else to look after as well. Inevitably that causes friction and conflict, but hopefully they’ll find a way through it."

We've heard rumours that Rosa plays a major part in their relationship in upcoming episodes...

JD: "Yes, and throwing Rosa into the mix, that adds an extra bit of spice as well. She’s quite a forceful character but Ollie finds a lot of solace in her and they get on incredibly well. It’s almost like [she’s] a type of mother that he never had. Ollie can trust Rosa and is able to talk to her."

What does David make of Rosa at this point?

JD: "She’s a bit of a whirlwind. A bit of a force to be reckoned with!"

There’s been speculation of romance…

JD: "At this stage I don’t think David thinks there’s anything more than that. He’s a gentleman… And they are the total antithesis of each other! But some people say opposites attract… we’ll see!"

Casualty continues on BBC1 this Saturday at 8.50pm

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