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Competition | Who's the biggest Nic Cage fan?

We asked you to share your favourite Nicolas Cage movie characters with us in order to bag a copy of Bad Lieutenant (opens in new tab) on DVD.

Here are some of our favourite responses:

"Raising Arizona (opens in new tab) is my favourite Nicolas Cage film. It has some great lines: You want to find an outlaw, hire an outlaw. You want to find a Dunkin' Donuts, call a cop." Katherine Coldicott (opens in new tab)

"My favourite MR Cage film is Adaptation. I know its a small budget flick, but its perfectly suited to his acting style and it shows the depths that he can reach with his acting. Not like the throwaway trash he’s doing now to pay off his tax bills (Bad Lieutenant and Kick-ass being the only exceptions!)" Christopher Bell

"Moonstruck – fantastic film which I can watch time & time again, it was the first film of Nicolas Cage’s which made me become a huge fan & I’ve loved evey one of his films ever since" Liz Denial

But the winner of the Bad Lieutenant DVD is Judith Scales (opens in new tab) with the comment:

"Sooo hard to choose, he's been one of my fave actors for years - probably the private detective in 8MM - better than Leaving Las Vegas for me, but to hard a subject matter to be considered for awards. The way it starts out as a regular job, and he gets more and more obsessed with finding what happened to the girl is brilliant."

Congrats, Judith!