Confused Silent Witness fans are all saying the same thing about Sam Ryan

Silent Witness Amanda Burton as Sam Ryan
What is going on with Sam? (Image credit: BBC/Dan Kennedy)

Silent Witness continued this week with viewers tuning in to the penultimate episode, and fans are all wondering what has happened to Sam Ryan (Amanda Burton) as her behavior continues to be suspicious.

With Silent Witness season 25 drawing to a close soon, fans are now desperate to find out what's going on with Sam following her highly anticipated return to the series, with some worried that she could've gone to the dark side. 

The forensic pathologist has gone missing, which is leading fans to question whether or not this was staged or if she's actually in danger, as everyone's wondering where she's gone and what she's up to before the big finale.

Even more troubling, Sam was last spotted on CCTV following journalist Oliver Meehan, who was later found dead outside his flat, but did she have anything to do with his demise? Right now, we have no idea!

There are rumors that Sam and her husband Jomo Mashaba (Hugh Quarshie) could've used corrupt money to build Unitas Health, which Oliver was investigating, and things got heated when Jomo's son David (Lloyd Everitt) paid him a visit.

The two got into a fight, where David panicked and thought he'd killed Oliver so threw his unconscious body off a balcony which did, of course, kill the journalist. But while David was directly involved, could Sam have been pulling the strings?

Taking to Twitter, everyone's talking about Sam Ryan and speculating what might be going on, hoping we'll get the answers from Silent Witness sooner rather than later and answer the mystery around her disappearance. Is she dead, in hiding, or something else entirely?

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On top of this, we know that Sam has been avoiding her husband Jomo so there's some sort of rift between the two, but it's unclear whether or not he has anything to do with Sam's disappearance.

In the final moments of the episode, David and his wife Fiona has been promised protection if they'd give key information that would lead police in the right direction, but a lorry caused the car to crash and it's unknown if anyone made it out alive. So it's possible the team has lost a very important lead which might help the case and track down Sam.

We'll have to tune in to the last episode to learn what's really going on, and it's an intriguing synopsis that reads: "Nikki is unsure who to trust, leading her to conclude that getting the truth will put her colleagues and everything they love in danger. 

"As they get to the heart of their investigation, and with the world they hold dear teetering on a knife edge, the Lyell team confront their threats to preserve the credibility of DNA."

Silent Witness concludes on Tuesday, June 7 at 9 pm on BBC One. Episodes are also available on BBC iPlayer. For full listings, see our UK TV Guide.

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