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Coronation Street fans thrilled as they spot THIS familiar face in Weatherfield

The Bread star is back!

Coronation Street viewers were over the moon last night when they spotted a comedy legend making a memorable Christmas hat wearing cameo!

While the main drama revolved around Daniel Osbourne being whacked by a car and Tim Metcalfe being a bigamist, viewers were more interested on social media in talking about who walked into Dev’s shop!

Coronation Street Big Garth

Bread and Goodnight Sweetheart star Victor McGuire turned up as Big Garth promising a Weatherfield Winter Wonderland...

Viewers did a double take when they spotted actor Victor McGuire, who famously played Jack Boswell in Bread, popping into Dev’s shop in a very festive mood as jewellery trader Big Garth. It led to a delightful scene where Victor and fellow comedy legend Maureen Lipman locked horns.

“And it just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to be bringing families together, so I’m pounding the streets to bring a little good cheer,” beamed Victor’s dodgy character, as he promoted the so-called Weatherfield Winter Wonderland.

“Well you’re certainly spreading something and if I was driving down a country lane I’d be winding down my windows,” quipped a highly doubtful Evelyn Plummer (played by Maureen Lipman).

Big Garth in Coronation Street

Big Garth looked taken aback when Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) resisted his charms

“I only want to put a poster on your door” hit back Big Garth, now looking very deflated. Sally and Maria showed more interest in Big Garth's Winter Wonderland, a decision they might regret...

Fans flooded to Twitter with praise for Victor's scenes. "Brilliant seeing Victor McGuire from Bread in Dev's shop," tweeted one, while another wrote: "Victor McGuire, my favourite in Bread."

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Fans were also thrilled when Victor turned up back in February when Big Garth was involved in some scenes with Gemma, Paul, Chesney and Emma. As well as Jack Boswell in Bread, Victor, 55, also enjoyed huge fame when he starred alongside Only Fools and Horse legend Nicholas Lyndhurst in Goodnight Sweetheart, where he played main character Gary Sparrow's best friend, Ron.

Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne steps infront of a car!

Daniel was struck by a car in last night's dramatic Coronation Street

We know Big Garth is a bit dodgy after he offered Paul only £200 for a ring worth thousands! So we think Evelyn might be right to suspect that Big Garth might be up to something questionable with his Weatherfield Winter Wonderland!

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