Will THIS former Coronation Street favourite make a return to the cobbles after 15 years?

Coronation Street

We hope so!

As Pat Phelan continues to cause havoc on the cobbles, viewers might be about to get some light relief if former Coronation Street star Kevin Kennedy returns.

The actor was last seen on the ITV soap as hapless supermarket manager Curly Watts over 15 years ago when he married hairdresser Raquel.

Kevin Kennedy, Curly Watts

But now Kevin has revealed he would absolutely love to make a dramatic return, and is even in talks with the show bosses.

"I would like to go back", he told The Daily Star.

"I think Curly was a very interesting character...he was multi-faceted. There have been mutterings about me going back. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

"I think the fans always enjoy it when a character returns, it’s something they are familiar with."

He then added: "I have very good relations with both ITV and Coronation Street. Ultimately it’s down to them."

Curly remains one of the most-loved Corrie characters and twenty-three million viewers tuned in to see him marry Sarah Lancashire's character Raquel.

Speaking about his time on the show, 56-year-old Kevin said: "I’m very proud of my history with Coronation Street. I still think it’s the best thing I’ve done.

"I enjoy it when people remember my time there. It’s humbling."

Curly and Raquel Watts were an unlikely pair but they made a great couple

Curly and Raquel Watts were an unlikely pair but they made a great couple

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Corrie baddie Jim McDonald will also be making an “explosive” return to Weatherfield later this year after being banged up for armed robbery.

Charlie, who first played Jim in 1989 and last popped up as the hardman in 2014, told The Mirror that he’ll be heading back for a short spell in Corrie this year before making a more permanent sounding return next year.

Charlie Lawson reveals he is returning as fearsome Jim McDonald

“They wanted me back full time this year but I couldn’t do it as I’m doing Rebus on stage, and a thriller. I’m going to film a bit but then will be back again next year.”