Coronation Street legend reveals she wants to QUIT the soap so she can do this...

Coronation Street
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‘If I could afford it, I’d never wear a wonderbra or false eyelashes ever again’

Being an actor in Coronation Street is most people’s idea of a dream job. But one member of the cast has revealed that she’d like to enter a different profession entirely.

Beverley Callard, who plays Weatherfield legend Liz McDonald, says that whilst she enjoys being a part of the soap, she’d give it all up in a heartbeat to become a painter and decorator!

Says Beverley: “I’m actually doing a course in polished plastering. I love painting and decorating. If I could afford it, I’d leave my job and I’d never wear a wonderbra or false eyelashes ever again. I’d have a tracksuit on and I’d paint and decorate my entire life.

“Jon (husband Jon McEwan) and I have just done a worktop at home that is polished concrete, and we’ve done it before in the photographic studio that we own.

“But now I’m doing polished plaster on walls, and I want to do a proper course on it.”

Liz McDonald in Coronation Street

Coronation Street star Bev, here seen as Liz, loves painting and decorating

In case you’re confused (and we certainly were) polished plaster is a bit fancier than your average plaster, and contains ingredients like marble dust and slaked lime. When it goes on the wall, it gives a finish that looks like polished marble or limestone.

Adds Bev: “I love doing that. Honestly, I’m brilliant! I can’t do carpentry but I love painting.

“This artist came to my house and he said he was so impressed with my painting. I used four different colours on a wall, and the wall’s almost sixty feet high. I was hanging from ladders. I absolutely love it!

“If I could do an ‘At Home’, I would show you my walls.”

Beverley, just give us the date and we’re there!

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