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This Coronation Street legend reveals how they felt when they were KILLED off

Coronation Street
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Nigel Havers has revealed how he felt about saying goodbye to Lewis Archer last year...

Nigel Havers - who played the role of Lewis Archer on Coronation Street between 2009 and 2019 - has confirmed he was happy to leave the show when his character, loveable rogue Lewis Archer, died of a heart attack on New Year's Day 2019.

"I was quite happy to get killed off!" Nigel told us. "I think there's only a certain amount of times you can come back. But then of course they said to me, 'you do realise that you've got a twin brother living in Australia?' I think they were winding me up - but never say never!"

While Nigel had no regrets about closing the door on his time in Weatherfield, he told us that his stint on the cobbles was a very enjoyable one.

Gail is worried about Audrey

Nigel enjoyed playing Coronation Street rogue Lewis Archer (Picture: ITV)

"It was very happy," he enthused. "I was in a very lucky situation where my work was mostly with the Platt family - Sue Nicholls [Audrey] and all that gang. They were such lovely people, I became very, very good friends with them all."

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"It wasn't like work, really!" added Nigel. "It was just like having fun, it was great. Although I hasten to add, it is hard work. You shoot a lot of material very quickly. But you're doing it with the best people in the world, so it's a very enjoyable experience."

Nigel can next be seen on BBC2's I'll Get This, alongside Sally Lindsay, Alex Brooker, Desiree Burch and Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo, competing with his fellow celebrities not to be landed with the bill at the end of the meal.

Nigel Havers, Alex Brooker, Sally Lindsay, Desiree Burch and Georgia Toffolo in I'll Get This

Nigel is set to star in I'll Get This (Picture: BBC/12 Yard Productions/Brian J Ritchie) (Image credit: BBC/12 Yard Productions/Brian J Ritchie)

'They were lovely, and we had a very nice dinner," he shares. "I wasn't worried - I normally pick up the tab anyway, so it's something I'm used to."

Eating out in a restaurant might not be an experience any of us can look forward to in the near future while the lockdown continues, but Nigel assures us that he's eating well at home thanks to the culinary skills of his wife, Georgiana Bronfman.

"She cooks pretty much everything really well!" he reveals. "Her cooking is sort of Italian-based and Spanish-based, because she lived in both countries for a long time. Amazing things, she cooks, incredible. So I'm not starving during the lockdown!"

Nigel can be seen in I'll Get This on BBC2 at 10pm on Tuesday 5 May.

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