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Coronation Street star Julia Goulding reveals this shock fact about her real-life wedding

Coronation Street star Julia Goulding, who plays Shona Ramsey
(Image credit: PA Archive/PA Images)

It’s time to put the record straight…

Coronation Street star Julia Goulding, who plays Shona Ramsey, has spoken about her wedding to long-term partner, Ben Silver, and revealed that she and the teacher tied the knot last year – not this year, as the press has reported.

News of the pair’s marriage surfaced in February, with many tabloids stating that Julia had announced her engagement the previous January. In reality, Julia had already been married a month by then.

“I actually got married in December," the 34 year old tells us. "It’s been wrongly printed.”

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The actress, currently expecting her first child, spoke of the blunder as her Corrie alter-ego prepares for her wedding to fiancé David Platt.

Lovebirds Shona and David are due to marry next week, but the nuptials are thrown into jeopardy, as David - who was due to be released from prison after serving his sentence for fleecing Audrey - remains behind bars, having been wrongly charged with the attempted murder of his rapist, Josh Tucker. With all efforts to clear David’s name proving fruitless, Gail takes it upon herself to cancel the nuptials, sure that her son won’t be around to say ‘I do.’

In a surprise twist, however, new evidence later comes to light that means David will be released. Shona subsequently announces that the wedding is back on, but when she arrives at the Bistro for her big day, there’s no sign of her groom, who’s still not out of the nick.

Shona and David on settee in Coronation Street

Shona and David got engaged in March, but her fiance is currently in prison in Coronation Street

Says Julia: “It’s still all up in the air. On the day, she’s in her wedding outfit, she’s done her hair and make up and it’s the final push. It’s the last clutch at a very tiny straw. It’s quite sad really, because we don’t know whether he will show up.”

“If we look at the history of their relationship, they’ve always come up against lots of barriers and reasons not to be together and they’ve always managed to get through it. So this is her taking the stance of ‘I’ll stand by her man.’”

Main picture: PA Archive/PA Images