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Coronation Street star Kate Ford: ‘Why I want Tracy and Steve’s marriage to last’

Coronation Street Steve and Tracy
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

The fictional pair tied the knot last year

Coronation Street actress Kate Ford, who plays Tracy McDonald, says she wants her character’s marriage to Steve to go the distance, because she doesn’t want to be separated from Simon Gregson, who plays her fictional husband.

Tracy and Steve tied the knot in a typically chaotic Corrie wedding last year. Shortly after the ceremony, Tracy discovered that her other half had bedded Leanne Battersby in the run up to the big day, after he’d mistakenly believed that his fiancé had given him a ‘free pass’ to sleep with someone else. Steve hadn’t realised at the time that the ‘pass’ in question was actually for a local spa.

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Kate admits she was surprised to see the pair get together, as Steve had previously been disinterested in the florist.

She tells us: “Steve McDonald never fancied Tracy, ever. She wore him down! Sometimes he quite fancied having sex with her, but he never fancied her as a girlfriend, so I don’t really know what happened. I think he realised she was probably the best option he had, and he’s just gone with it now.”

But the Weatherfield star says that now the couple are finally Mr and Mrs, she doesn’t want them to ever split up.

“I really enjoy working with Simon (Gregson),” she says. “We don’t want to be separated because we have a right laugh. He’s just a funny guy; he’s got funny bones. I don’t think he even knows he’s doing it.

“He’s fun to be around, and that rubs off. You have a great day when you spend it with Simon.”

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Tracy and Steve are currently involved in a dramatic storyline in which they have discovered that 14 year old daughter, Amy, is pregnant. Forthcoming episodes will see the couple offer to adopt the baby and raise him or her as their own.

But Kate says that, should the plan go ahead, she won’t be looking forward to having a newborn in the McDonald flat.

“Working with babies is hard!” she reveals. “You rehearse it and it goes really well, and then they hand you the baby and everything just goes out of the window – you can’t remember your dialogue and the baby’s crying. And when they’re toddlers, they just wander off!”

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