Stop what you're doing – The Crystal Maze is back on Channel 4 tonight!

the crystal maze

Perhaps one of the most iconic game shows of all time, The Crystal Maze is back on Channel 4 with a brand new series hosted by funnyman Richard Ayoade.

Finally, it is back! Channel 4 is bringing a brand new series of The Crystal Maze to our screens and frankly, it is something to get excited about.

What is The Crystal Maze?

The Crystal Maze is one of the most iconic game shows to have ever screened on British TV. First shown in the '90s it returned back in 2016 for a one-off charity special for Stand Up to Cancer.

The new series will kick off with a celebrity special before teams made up of members of the public will get their shot at competing for the maze's crystals.

The celebrity team will feature Vicky Pattison, Lydia Bright, Ore Oduba, Louie Spence and Alex Brooker. How will they fair in the maze's challenges...?

Much like the original series, the show will see contestants battle through four zones in the maze. There is the Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic zone and they will have to conquer a range of skill, mystery, physical and mental challenges if they hope to win crystals. Each task will last up to three minutes, but if the contestant gets locked in the team must give up a crystal for their release.

The more crystals the contestants gather, the more time in the legendary Crystal Dome they will earn. Each crystal gets the hopeful team five seconds inside the dome.

The Crystal Dome is where each episode of The Crystal Maze ends. The team frantically try to grab gold notes which fly around the dome to build their end price. They must avoid silver notes which reduce their final total.

This series has been filmed in a purpose built maze spanning over 30,000 square metres at The Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol. It was designed by the original Crystal Maze designer, James Dillon.

Who is the Crystal Maze presenter?

the crystal maze

The show was originally presented by the brilliant Richard O'Brian. He kept viewers entertained as he frantically ran around the maze in his leopard print jacket in an effort to help, and sometimes mock, the hopeful competitors.

For the new series comic actor and writer Richard Ayoade will be taking on the role of maze master. We're pleased to hear that Richard doesn't plan on refining his humour to transform into 'Game Show Richard'.

Richard said: "I’ll be the same nasal man who can’t engage emotionally."

One thing's for sure, The Crystal Maze will invoke bucket loads of nostalgia in some viewers. Will you be tuning in? It might even make you want to apply!

The Crystal Maze launches on Channel 4 at 9pm, June 23