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Death in Paradise to see SHOCK exit tonight in series finale?

Death in Paradise Neville Parker
(Image credit: BBC/Red Planet/Philip Volkers)

Is it bye bye Neville?

Death in Paradise tonight could see Ralf Little’s DI Neville Parker depart the BBC1 hit after only four episodes.

Neville - first seen in episode five following Jack's departure - has made absolutely no secret of his desperation to leave Saint Marie. However, he’s been forced to stay in the Caribbean after developing deep-vein thrombosis.

Death in Paradise Ralf Little as Neville

Is DI Neville Parker finally about to escape Saint Marie? (Image credit: BBC/Red Planet/Philip Volkers)

But in tonight’s Death in Paradise Neville is thrilled that he’s final doctor’s appointment is coming up and he expects to get the all-clear.

This means he can pack his bags for Manchester and hand his notice into the Commissioner Selwyn Patterson, who’s never liked Neville from the start!

Don Warrington, who plays the Commissioner, tells us his alter ego has been driven mad by Neville.

“The Commissioner basically wants someone to just come and do their job. He knows Neville can’t help his allergies, but at the same time he thinks they can’t overwhelm him.”

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Death in Paradise The Commissioner

He's been there from the very start... Don Warrington as The Commissioner (Image credit: BBC/Red Planet/Philip Volkers)

However, if Neville does end up staying, Don reckons The Commissioner will need to work out how he can fit in.

“If he stays, Selwyn will have to work out whether he likes him or not. The Commissioner has to think about how the new detective is going to fit in.”

Before Neville gets a chance to flee Saint Marie he has to crack another case this evening. Robert (played by Peter De Jersey) is gunned down and Neville wonders if the victim’s blind wife, former actor Olivia (Frances Tomelty) could be behind the murder?

To find out if DI Neville Parker leaves or not watch Death in Paradise tonight on BBC1 at 9pm. Fans will be thrilled to hear that the show is returning for another series. It is expected to be back in January 2021!