Derry Girls fans floored by cameo appearance from huge star

The Derry Girls are in shock as they read their GCSE results.
The Derry Girls took on one of their toughest opponents yet... Liam Neeson! (Image credit: Channel 4)

It's safe to say that the Derry Girls season 3 premiere came along with a huge surprise in the form of none other than Hollywood legend, Liam Neeson!

Derry Girls season 3 finally premiered on Channel 4 on Tuesday, April 12, and it saw Erin, Michelle, Orla, Clare, and honorary Derry Girl James stressing about their grades the night before GCSE results day.

That evening, they bumped into Sister Michael on the way to rent a video to take their minds off things. At Video Village, Sister Michael revealed that their school already had their results on file. This gave the gang the idea to break into Our Lady Immaculate College to sneak a peek, where they were arrested shortly after helping two men burgle the place. 

Enter Liam Neeson as the police inspector in charge of questioning them... though he was eventually subdued by Uncle Colm!

You can see Liam Neeson's hilarious Derry Girls cameo below:

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Louisa Harland had teased that there would be some major guest stars in Derry Girls season 3, but the audience reaction suggests no one was prepared for a Hollywood star like Liam Neeson to appear.

Plenty of fans shared their shock about the star's cameo in the show on social media.

One excited viewers wrote: "Could Derry Girls have gotten any better?.... Eh yeah it can by LIAM NEESON MAKING AN APPEARANCE!!!"

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Another wrote: "Liam Neeson's cameo in #DerryGirls was the best surprise ever!"

Indeed, it seemed like Liam Neeson being bored rigid by Uncle Colm was all anyone who watched the show.

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In response to the huge reaction online, the show's creator, Lisa McGee tweeted: "Thanks for watching lads! Our code name for Liam during the shoot was ‘ the big fella’ arguably quite an easily cracked code. What an honour to have him in our wee show. Our very own Northern Star".

With Liam Neeson on board, who knows who could be set to guest star in the final season of one of the best Channel 4 comedies

Derry Girls continues next Tuesday, April 19 at 9.15 pm on Channel 4 and All4. The first two seasons of the hit comedy are available to stream in the US on Netflix.

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