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Despite the magic, Disney's Evermoor Chronicles is about 'teenagers with teenage problems' (VIDEO)

Disney is about to premiere a magical new live-action drama, The Evermoor Chronicles (opens in new tab), and one of its stars, Jordan Loughran (opens in new tab), says despite the mystique her character's a 'teenage girl with teenage problems'.

The series is a first for Disney, having been entirely filmed in the UK, on a purpose-built set in Warrington and on location in Chershire and surrounding areas. Made by Hollyoaks producers Lime Pictures, The Evermoor Chronicles pilot screened in 160 countries last autumn, before being made into a full series.

Londoner Jordan plays a trainee Everine, Sorsha, in the fantasy story of an American girl Tara Crossley (Naomi Sequeira) who moves to England with her family and quickly discovers all is not what it seems in their village. There are mysterious nun-like women (the Everines), who can predict and change the future by sewing on a magical tapestry.

As fantastic as it seems, The Evermoor Chronicles is also a coming-of-age story which focuses on the the loves, lives and tribulations of teenagers.

Jordan told What's on TV: "I'm the mayor's daughter, you sort of found out from the pilot I've just been chosen as an Everine, so I'm one of the lucky ladies who get to sew on the tapestry. It's been really nice this year because you find the fact she's an Everine, it causes some problems in her love life because also you find out [Sorsha] and Seb like each other... It's really nice to play a character which, despite the magic she does, underneath all that she's a teenage girl with teenage problems."

Jordan said early reaction to The Evermoor Chronicles has been positive. "We've seen clips of it and I know from the pilot and feedback I got from girls who'd come up to me and tell me how much they really enjoyed it and had watched it with their big sisters and their older cousins, it was nice to know it appealed to the whole family and was something everyone could sit down and watch together."

Watch an interview with Jordan Loughran, above.


The Evermoor Chronicles premieres on Disney Channel UK on Monday, November 9 at 5.30pm and will screen each Monday and Tuesday at that time.


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