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DEVASTATING baby twist to air today in new BBC daytime drama, The Heights

The Heights logo
The Heights logo

Shannon makes a shocking decision about her baby today...

There is drama and heartache in today's episode of the new BBC One daytime soap, The Heights.

The new show, which is currently being aired at lunchtime each week day, aired in the UK for the first time yesterday, and has already got viewers gripped.

The Heights BBC1

The Heights started on BBC One yesterday (Picture: BBC/Matchbox Productions/Screenwest (Australia)/Ben King) (Image credit: BBC/Matchbox Productions/Screenwest (Australia)/Ben King)

The Heights is set in an inner-city suburb of Perth called Arcadia Heights, and follows the lives of the residents of the Towers housing block.

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Yesterday's episode saw a baby found abandoned outside the block of flats, and after a police search for the mother, it turned out to be the daughter of Towers resident, Hazel.

Shannon's baby bombshell

Today's episode sees Hazel trying to convince her daughter, Shannon, that she should come home and live with her once she has recovered from the birth.

The Heights Hazel and Ryan

Hazel meets her grandson, Patch, for the first time (Picture: BBC)

But Shannon doesn't want to know and announces she is putting her baby up for adoption.

Shannon's brother, Ryan, also tries to convince her not to rush into anything, and it seems like he might have got though to the new mum at last.

The Heights Shannon

Ryan tries to convince his sister Shannon not to give up on her son (Picture: BBC)

However, while Hazel sleeps in a chair at the hospital, Shannon creeps out of her bed in the middle of the night and discharges herself... leaving without her baby.

How will everyone react when they wake the next morning to find she is missing and has abandoned her baby all over again?

The Heights Shannon

It seemed like Shannon was bonding with her baby, but she soon made a shocking decision (Picture: BBC)

Romance for Pav and Claudia?

Also in today's episode, things get flirty between former cop, Pav, and doctor Claudia as they keep bumping into each other during the day.

Could there be romance on the cards for the pair?

There is also a connection between their children as Claudia's daughter, Sabine, starts at Arcadia High School, where Pav's son, Mich attends.

The Heights Pav and Claudia

Is there romance on the cards between Pav and Claudia? (Picture: BBC)

The teenagers get on well, and it seems they could be good friends... until Sabine's boyfriend from her old school turns up.

Is there only friendship on the cards for the teenagers?

Watch The Heights every weekday on BBC One at 1.45 pm.