'Doctor Who: Flux' fans were stunned by THIS shock return last night

Doctor Who: Flux episode 3 - the Doctor, Dan, Yaz and Vinder ready for the siege of Atropos
The Doctor, Yaz, Dan and Vinder dressed for the assault on the Temple of Atropos. (Image credit: BBC Studios/ Ben Blackall)

Doctor Who season 13 continued with a truly timey-wimey episode last night, but all everyone is talking about is the shock return of one character in particular...

*huge spoilers for Doctor Who: Flux ahead - if you're not caught up, don't read on!*

To try and thwart Swarm's plan to disrupt the flow of time, the third episode saw the Doctor throw herself and her fellow companions directly into the heart of the Timestorm.

She knew that Yaz and Vinder wouldn't be able to handle it for very long, but if she connected with the Mouri she'd be able to withstand that pressure much better than they ever could. She also camouflaged her friends in points of time in their past whilst she worked with the Mouri to figure out how she could fix the flow of time. 

What the Doctor didn't bank on was being thrown back into her own past. Arriving on a dusty planet, she was stunned when she saw Yaz, Dan and Vinder dressed up in The Division's battlefield armor. They were about to assault the Temple of Atropos, but Jodie's Doctor didn't remember this event happening whatsoever. 

After they breached the doors to take the fight to the Ravagers (Swarm and Azure) who had seized the temple, the Doctor took a minute to try and remember when this had happened. As she took a look in a mirror, she saw a very different reflection looking back at her... it was none other than Jo Martin! 

After a brief chat with Jo's Doctor, Jodie's Doctor figured out that her companions were actually stand-ins for her former Division teammates (Dan was revealed to be Karvanista). She was actually experiencing an event in her past life as the Fugitive Doctor whilst stuck in the Timestorm, and wanted to stay behind to learn even more about this time from her former life that she does not remember.

It's safe to say that people are thrilled to be seeing more from the mysterious Fugitive Doctor, as fans and fan pages were full of people sounding off about their excitement and hoping to see more from Jo Martin as the Flux saga unfolds!

Now that Jo Martin has returned and we've seen just how desperate the Doctor is to learn more about her past, surely we'll see Jo Martin return at least once more this season... right?!

Doctor Who: Flux continues this Sunday at 6:20 pm BST on BBC1 in the UK and 8:00 pm ET on BBC America.

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