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Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans spot THIS blink-and-you'll-miss-it blunder in the soap's latest episode

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EastEnders fans have noticed something odd about Louise Mitchell's birth scenes... did you spot it?

It seems nothing gets past eagle-eyed soap fans these days, and the latest blunder spotted in EastEnders has got viewers talking on social media once again.

There were dramatic scenes in the latest episode of the soap which saw Louise Mitchell go into labour earlier than expected.

Keanu Taylor and Louise Mitchell wait for the ambulance in EastEnders

Louise and Keanu were worried when their baby started to arrive early... (Picture: BBC)

With Keanu Taylor by her side, Louise was rushed to hospital where she did a brilliant job of bringing her baby into the world despite the fact her dad turned up half way through her labour.

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But while fans were loving her hilarious one-liners as she demanded to know where step mum Sharon was, viewers were more interested in what happened once her baby had been delivered.

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As Louise and Keanu welcomed their baby daughter into the world, they were both thrilled that she was finally here safe and sound despite her early appearance.

However, eagle-eyed fans spotted that the newest addition to the Mitchell family was amazingly born not only without an umbilical cord, but also with a perfect healed belly button...

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Fans also noticed that Louise's baby also came out very clean... already looking like a perfect newborn as the midwifes checked her heart and breathing.

But while Louise was busy delivering her baby, the reason Phil couldn't get hold of wife Sharon was because she was busy visiting Lisa Fowler at the psychiatric hospital she'd recently checked herself into.

Louise gives birth to baby Peggy in EastEnders

Fans noticed that Louise's baby already had a perfect belly button (Picture: BBC)

But Sharon's visit wasn't a social one, she was there to drop a bombshell on her frenemy... not only did she shock Lisa by confirming that her baby wasn't Phil's, just like she thought, but that the real father was actually Keanu.

While it might seem like madness to tell Lisa her darkest secret, Sharon hopes that telling Lisa will stop her going to Phil with the truth, knowing the revelation would also shatter Louise's world as well.

But is Sharon's secret really safe with Lisa?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.