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EastEnders spoilers: Louise Mitchell set to be DESTROYED by the truth?

Louise Mitchell and Keanu Taylor have a baby daughter

Louise Mitchell is in danger of discovering the bombshell secret, Leo King is confronted by a familiar face, and Martin Fowler makes a decision.

Louise Mitchell is about to discover a life shattering revelation if mum Lisa Fowler gets her way in Monday’s episode of EastEnders (8pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

After finding out the truth about Sharon Mitchell’s baby, Lisa Fowler heads back to the Square to tell pregnant daughter Louise Mitchell. But when she turns up she finds out that Louise has given birth.

Meanwhile, in the hospital Louise wants to know why Sharon didn’t turn up when she was giving birth to her daughter. Sharon covers but is further alarmed when Louise asks after her mum.

New grandma Karen Taylor turns up with Keegan Baker and Bernadette Taylor to see the new baby, saving Sharon from answering awkward questions. After Louise and her baby’s father Keanu Taylor announce the little girl’s name, there’s a panic. Lisa is still hell bent on protecting Louise but she’s left in turmoil when the baby isn’t breathing…

Leo King is confronted by his mum Michaela in EastEnders

Leo King is confronted by his mum Michaela Turnbull

Whitney Dean is touched when Leo King reveals that he’s booked them a night in a nice hotel for her birthday treat, still completely unaware of who he really is. What Leo doesn’t know is that his mum Michaela Turnbull has turned up in Walford to look for him… Leo is stunned when she confronts him, demanding to know what he’s doing in the Square.

Although he tries to cover up his real reasons, Michaela is seriously worried and tells her son he needs to leave. After telling him a few home truths about his dad Tony, Leo agrees. But Michaela sees Whitney’s name in Leo’s phone and realises with horror what he’s up to. Meanwhile, Gray Atkins is suspicious about Leo after overhearing Whitney telling her friend Ruby Allen about the case that Leo is working on.

Martin Fowler lashes out at Kush Kazemi in EastEnders

Martin Fowler lashes out at Kush Kazemi

Martin Fowler is desperate not to have to beg Ian Beale for his job back on the stall, so he visits Ben Mitchell to ask for another dodgy job. When he finds out that Ben has now gone legit he is stunned. After finding out that his stepson Arthur Fowler is going to see his mum Stacey Fowler, he has a go at Arthur’s dad Kush Kazemi. Realising he’s running out of options, Martin turns to Ben’s loan shark associate Tubbs and asks him if he wants to go back into business.

Also, Mick Carter keeps a wary eye on wife Linda Carter when she continues to drink. Jay Mitchell is disapproving when he finds out girlfriend Lola Pearce is intending to enter her young daughter Lexi Pearce n a beauty pageant.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm.