Eamonn Holmes aims to make the most of Christmas before double hip replacement

TV presenter Eamonn Holmes (opens in new tab) plans to make the most of Christmas with his wife, Ruth Langsford, and family as he fears the New Year will be 'a bit daunting' due to his forthcoming double hip replacement.

Eamonn revealed recently he will be off air for a few weeks in the New Year for the operation.

In an exclusive photo shoot and interview with Hello! magazine in their new home, the TV couple also revealed their festive plans.

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford in their new home

Eamonn and Ruth in their new home (Hello! Magazine)


Eamonn said: “I’ve had nicer New Years to look forward to, but overall this is not about looking forward to one year, this is about looking forward to the quality of life I should gain for many years to come.”

Ruth said she intends to 'spoil him rotten', adding: “I’ve watched him suffer with this for too long and we both believe it will be a New Year and a new Eamonn to go with it.”

Sky News Sunrise presenter Eamonn said he is married to 'Mrs Christmas'.

“There’s loving it and being addicted to it and she’s OD-ed on it. Ruth’s the person who makes Christmas happen,” he said.

In an interview with the Mirror, Eamonn spoke about being in pain as the result of a degenerative hereditary condition.

He said: “I’ve been putting it (the operation) off for years, but it’s got to the stage where I can’t delay it any longer. It is very painful, and does stop me doing certain things.”

He also told the Mirror of his concerns about being seen as 'past it', saying: “But I’m a 55-year-old man and I know how ageist this industry can be. I don’t want people thinking ‘Oh, he’s having a double hip replacement – he’s past it’, and then never being seen on television again. So going public with it is a risk.”

The couple will celebrate Christmas in the new home he found, with their son Jack.

Eamonn and Ruth in 2006

Eamonn and Ruth in 2006 (Paul Faith/PA)


He said: “I was always looking at houses and lined this one up for Ruth to see. Amazingly, she liked it – and we don’t often like the same things. Keeping Ruth happy is the only way. The alternative would be like never-ending purgatory!”


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