EastEnders viewers have predicted a big twist in the Max Branning case as Abi and Lauren's future hangs in the balance

Could EastEnders viewers have predicted a massive turn of events?

The festive build up to the Christmas EastEnders episode is always explosive, and this year was certainly no different.

In fact, the fate of one very important family on the square currently hangs in the balance - with the future of the Branning family currently looking uncertain following Abi and Lauren's potentially fatal tumble off The Queen Vic roof.

EastEnders - Abi Lauren

The girls had been attempting to save their suicidal father Max's life after his darkest secrets were exposed by ex Tanya Branning, upon her surprise return to the Square.

However, upon attempting to save Max's life, the pair had taken a possibly fateful fall from the top of the building - landing them both in intensive care and feared to be dead, with father Max being accused of pushing them.

Following the incredibly shocking turn of events, fans had been quick to take to social media to share their reactions to the explosive Christmas episode - with three of Max's children now having fallen off the roof of the Queen Vic.

However, whilst most viewers were blown away by the shocking plot twist, others have formed a bit of a fan theory over one very mysterious part the disaster.

After Max had been questioned by the police following the fall of his daughters, he was suddenly let off the hook - with policing informing him that a mystery phone had been handed in with video footage of the girls falling off the roof  proving Max hadn’t pushed them.

This led to much speculation among viewers, with many claiming to have worked out exactly who had filmed the Branning daughter's fateful tumble.

EastEnders' viewers are pretty certain the mystery phone recording belongs to Keegan Baker - who was seen acting strangely, and even sticking up for Max in the pub when residents accused him of harming Abi and Lauren.

Following Max's release, Keegan had refused to reveal where he had been –leading to further speculation from viewers.

This wouldn't be the first time Keegan has managed to film a shocking accident, as he also managed to record the moment the bus crashed into Watford earlier this year.

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