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Stars pay emotional tributes as Abi Branning’s life support machine is switched off

Max and Tanya reunited to say goodbye to their daughter

Viewers were faced with seriously emotional scenes during Friday night’s episode, as Abi Branning’s life support machine was finally switched off.

The Branning family united around Abi’s bedside, including dad Max, mum Tanya and auntie Rainie, and the other residents of Albert Square held a one-minute silence for the young girl.

Following the tear-jerking episode, stars of the show took to Twitter to pay tribute to actress Lorna Fitzgerald – who has played Abi since 2006.

Jake Wood, who plays Max, wrote: ‘As you know @LornaFitz0 I am so proud of all the incredible work you’ve done over the last 12 years and more importantly of the grounded and amazing young woman you’ve become in that time. It’s truly been an honour to watch you grow and flourish. Love ya x.’

Tanya actress Jo Joyner added: ‘Night, night and God bless, little Abs. Thanks for all the lovely support for us #brannings. Good luck and see you soon wonderful, talented, beautiful @LornaFitz0 it’s been a pleasure being your pretend mummy.’

But the emotional storyline isn’t over yet, with Abi’s funeral set to take place in the ucoming weeks ahead of her sister Lauren’s exit.