'EastEnders' fans are obsessed with THIS character and beg her to become a regular

Whitney Dean uncovers the truth about Gray's sacking from Laura Awoyinka
'EastEnders' watchers are desperate for more Laura Awoyinka content! (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

EastEnders fans adore solicitor Laura Awoyinka (Sarah Paul) and are desperate for her to become a regular on the show, demanding more scenes with her in.

Laura returned to Walford during last night’s episode (Thursday, Dec. 16) to confront her former employee, serial killer Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith), who she fired for his aggressive behaviour. 

Laura has always seen through Gray’s sophisticated demeanour and knows his truly evil character, calling him a “nasty little misogynist” in a previous episode and finding out that he had been sending her vile abusive messages online from a fake account. Ever since she has always suspected that Gray has done something and is on a mission to expose him.

Since Gray has lost his job, he’s been trying hard to create his own law firm and acquire clients, but it’s had a few setbacks.

Last night, Laura made her comeback to the Square to confront Gray about bad-mouthing her to her clients. 

“You’re on thin ice. I get that you must be just desperate for clients, but please get your hands off mine,” Laura said.

Laura exchanged intense words with Gray

Laura exchanged intense words with Gray. (Image credit: BBC)

A smug Gray responded with, “As far as I’m aware, it’s you that’s been bad-mouthing me. Sticking your boot in, trying to kill me professionally. Did you really think you could just fire me and I’d run off with my tail between my legs? You threatened to make sure I'd never work again. But here I am. Working.”

But, Laura wasn’t having any of his bullying and threatened to go to the police with the misogynistic messages he sent her. “You want the gloves off? They’re off!” she threatened.

Meanwhile, Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) was annoyed that Gray had managed to worm his way back into Chelsea Fox’s (Zaraah Abrahams) life, and when she managed to catch Laura, she was determined to uncover the truth as to why Gray was really sacked.

Laura gave Whitney a chilling warning: “Gray Atkins is a monster. He’s threatened by women, so he needs to destroy them. He uncovers weaknesses and he exploits them. He’s got the darkest soul of any man I’ve met, and I’ve defended 16 murderers.”

When Whitney asked what he had done to her, Laura reassured her that she isn’t the one to be worried about and that she’s onto him. She then went on to warn Whitney to keep Chelsea away from him, “before he destroys her.”

Fans loved Laura’s return to the Square and were eager for her to become a permanent fixture on the show as she stood her ground against evil Gray.

EastEnders airs Monday Dec. 20 at 8:05pm on BBC1— see our TV Guide for full listings. 

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