EastEnders fans mourn the end of a relationship after killer bombshell

The Albert Square sign on the set of EastEnders
Who are torn apart in the latest EastEnders episodes? (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans were gripped on Wednesday night when Ben Mitchell finally confessed to the Panesar family that he was responsible for Jag’s death.

And while the family reeled from the revelation, mourning their bother all over again, viewers were grieving for something else – the end of the close friendship between Ben and Jag's brother Kheerat.

Earlier in the episode, Kheerat had accompanied Ben to his HIV test results, offering support.

Kheerat Panesar confronts Ben Mitchell

Kheerat is shocked by Ben's words (Image credit: BBC)

With Ben on a downward spiral, Kheerat has been really looking out for him.

Ben has been struggling to cope, pushing people away in the aftermath of his rape by Lewis, and it seems that he appreciates Kheerat’s support.

So much so, that is guilt over his part in Kheerat’s brother Jag’s death started to tear him apart.

Jags announces his relationship in EastEnders

Jag's death left s big hole in the family. (Image credit: BBC)

When Jags went to prison last year, the Panesars learned that he had got on the wrong side of a gang. Kheerat made an agreement with Ben to pay for protection for Jags on the inside.

But when Ben saw Kheerat with his dad’s ex Sharon and realised they were romantically involved, he saw red. Making a call, he called off the protection. And soon the Panesars learned that Jags had died.

EastEnders Ben and Kheerat

Ben can't take his guilt any more. (Image credit: BBC)

So, when Ben revealed that Jags death was his fault in the latest episode, the Panesars were left reeling. 

Fans predicated big drama now the secret was out, many posting gifs joking that Ben’s days were numbered as the Panesars were bound to take revenge.

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However, most were sorry that this would spell the end of Ben and Kheerat’s relationship.

“Please Ben, don't ruin your friendship with Kheerat,” begged one as they realised what Ben was about to do. 

While another said: “Actually really annoyed they've ended the Ben/Kheerat friendship.”

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What will the Panesars do now they know the truth? And is there really no way back now for Ben and Kheerat?

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