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EastEnders fans OBSESSED with Mel’s wedding dress for this reason

(Image credit: BBC)

Viewers are loving the handy feature in Mel's gown!

EastEnders viewers saw Hunter Owen dramatically shoot dead his stepdad Ray Kelly last night - but fans were more amazed by the fact that Mel’s wedding dress has pockets!

In last night’s double bill, a desperate Mel (Tamzin Outhwaite) headed off to the woods to find her son, who had been kidnapped by her dodgy groom.

Mel Owen in EastEnders in her wedding dress

Mel has secret pockets in her wedding dress in EastEnders!

At one point Mel heard a phone playing the wedding march and screamed: “Do you think that’s funny?!”

Ray (Sean Mahon) then ran out of the bushes and Mel pointed a gun at him. “It’s not loaded,” lied Ray… then BANG, Mel fired the weapon.

But, fans were loving the fact that Mel’s dress had pockets. "Mel's wedding dress has pockets and I am HERE for it!," tweeted one. "I'm watching this episode but all I can think is 'Wooow Mel's my kinda girl - pockets in her wedding dress. Very practical," wrote another.

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Some also referenced Donna (Catherine Tate) in Doctor Who, who in The Runaway Bride famously shouted at David Tennant’s Doctor, “Who has pockets? Have you ever seen a bride with pockets?!”

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Meanwhile, back to the plot, and Mel eventually managed to tie up Ray and free Hunter (Charlie Winter). But, Ray quickly escaped and, as Hunter and Mel tried to flee, started whacking their car with a spade!

Mel then ran Ray over and, rather than escaping, started burying him in a grave only for him to come back from the dead.

“I’ll finish what I started,” said Ray, as he tried to again strangle Mel. But Hunter came to the rescue and blasted Ray!

But fans are wondering if Ray is really dead after Alfie Moon looked like a goner on Christmas Day, only to make a miraculous recovery. Plus, of course, Mel also came back from the dead previously when Ray tried to strangle her for the first time!

Find out if Ray is really dead or not as EastEnders continues tonight on BBC1 at 8pm.