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EastEnders' Mick and Linda reunited - but there's a BOMBSHELL!

EastEnders Mick Carter with Linda Carter
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Just when we thought there might be happiness on the horizon for Mick and Linda at last, another bombshell is about to explode in tonight's EastEnders.

Tonight's trip to Walford sees the moment EastEnders fans have all been waiting for... Mick and Linda are finally reunited! But with Mick now a free man, why don't they look a bit happier?

At the end of Monday (17th December) night's EastEnders, Linda was shocked to find her husband hiding out in the pub's barrel store. But despite the fact they haven't seen each other for weeks, they were hardly rushing into each other's arms.

Mick's family are thrilled that he is finally a free man

Mick's family are thrilled that he is finally a free man

Viewers will remember that Linda has pretended to have given up on her marriage to Mick, lying that she believed Stuart when he claimed that Mick was the one who shot him.

Of course it was all a plan to get Stuart on side so that Linda could get a confession from him... but until now, Mick still thinks his marriage to Linda is doomed.

Last week saw a tense two-hander between Linda and Stuart as she went to great lengths to get the confession from Stuart that she needed to free Mick.

Fans watched in horror as Linda seduced Stuart into the bedroom, only for it all to go wrong when he found a recording tape hidden on the bed.

Things look tense between Linda and Mick

Things look tense between Linda and Mick

Thankfully Linda is a wise woman and had also got a backup recording device hidden in her hair, so when Stuart confessed that he actually shot himself, she taped the whole thing, ready to hand into the police.

But with Mick back in Walford after months of being locked up, it's clear something isn't right with the pub landlord.

EastEnders Linda, Mick and Stuart outside Vic

The Mick and Stuart saga is far from over...

Shirley and Tina are obviously thrilled to see him, and Linda couldn't be happier to have her beloved Mick back where he belongs.

But how happy will Mick be when Linda drops the bombshell of how far she had to go with Stuart to get the confession they so desperately needed?

And with Stuart living just across the Square at Dot's, how long will it be before the pair come to blows once again?

Find out what happens next on EastEnders tonight, 7:30 on BBC One. 

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC/Kieron McCarron