‘EastEnders’ star Charlie Brooks hints at shock one-night stand for Janine Butcher

Janine Butcher in EastEnders
Could romance be on the cards for Janine when she returns to EastEnders? (Image credit: BBC1)

EastEnders legend Charlie Brooks has hinted there could be romance on the cards for Janine Butcher as she returns to Walford next week.

With her return promised to be ‘explosive,’ there’s no doubt that her love life could become as chaotic as her personal life. When asked by This Morning about what could be in store for Janine’s love life when she returns to Albert Square, Charlie teased that a potential one-night stand could happen. 

She responded, “Oh, we'll have to wait and see. You know I think Janine's biggest job would have to be finding love within herself before she can love anyone else, but it'll be interesting to see who she rubs up against in the Square.”

“There's one night that she spends with somebody when she first comes back in, but I can't say too much more about that."

We wonder who it could be? Could it be someone we already know in the Square or a mystery man who catches Janine's eye? 

As EastEnders fans know, Janine’s previous relationships have not ended well over the years, with her notoriously murdering her husband Barry Evans (Shaun Williamson) in 2014 after pushing him off a cliff and later bumping off Michael Moon, the father of her daughter, Scarlett. 

Janine talks to Kat in EastEnders

Janine is set to clash with Kat when she returns to Walford.  (Image credit: BBC1)

We know that Janine’s return will be full of drama and confrontation, as she clashes with Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) when she discovers that her daughter, Scarlett Moon (Tabitha Byron) is in Kat’s care and she wants her back.

But, her return will also spark literal flames as an actual fire is involved.

Charlie spoke to us about her fiery return and that we should be excited for intense future scenes: "We know that it's going to be explosive. We might see some flames and a big fire! With some of the relationships, and some of the old characters that we see her working with, for me I know when it's exciting because I can feel it as an actress.

"I can feel it when two characters are sparking off each other. I'm like: 'This feels so good and so exciting.’ So you've got a lot of that to look forward to."

She also revealed that she’s glad to be back as Janine after her seven-year absence.

"I always think about where Janine's been and what she's been up to. She's such a gloriously layered character and I entertain myself with thoughts about that. To have the chance to come back and explore it is really exciting."

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