EastEnders viewers wonder “what has happened” to long-standing character — and predict a sticky end!

The Albert Square sign on the set of EastEnders
One EastEnder is showing worrying signs. (Image credit: BBC)

Life as an EastEnders' character can be stressful, with drama thrown at you from every direction, week in, week out.

However, fans of the show are beginning to question the way one character is dealing with the rollercoaster of Walford life, as Jack Branning continued to kick off at every turn in the latest episode.

Wednesday night's instalment came in the wake of the Branning family discovering that teenage son Ricky Jr is the father of neighbour Lily's baby.

Lily Slater and Ricky Mitchell walk side by side

Ricky and Lily have family troubles in more ways than one. (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Jack has already had at a go at the Slaters after finding out what's happened with Lily and Ricky and was still in a rage during the latest episode. 

After telling Ricky he had to attend an interview at the police station, Jack kicked off again. The situation wasn't helped when Ricky's mum Sam arrived, winding up Jack even more before he ordered her to get out.

Later, a stressed-out Jack had a go at Amy over what she was wearing to Lola's wedding and Denise had to step in, sick of his constant fury. "I'm not sure who that man was, but he ain't my husband," she told Jack.

EastEnders Jack wearing a dark roll neck and looking cross.

Jack's been snarling for days. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders Denise and Amy give Jack an unimpressed look.

Denise is in despair. (Image credit: BBC)

And Denise wasn't the only one sick of Jack kicking off, viewers were getting tired of their one-time favourite character's behaviour — warning that things could end badly if he doesn't get a grip. 

"What’s happened to Jack Branning?" demanded one. "All he does is lose his temper and shout."

"More and more shouty and annoying," said one viewer. "If he carries on like that, he'll have a breakdown."

Meanwhile, another predicted there was a "heart attack pending" for the stressed-out copper.

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EastEnders Ricky Jr talks to dad Jack on the stairs at home.

Finally the fellas shared a calm moment. (Image credit: BBC)

However, there may be hope on the horizon. Before he took Ricky off to his police interview, Jack shared a moment with his son, apologising for his failings as a dad, admitting, "give me two teenagers in pain and I just fall to pieces."

Viewers were happy to see Jack show his caring side, but how long can it really last if the Brannings go to war with the Slaters over Lily and Ricky's situation?

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