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EastEnders villain Balvinder Sopal on why THIS Suki scene gave her goosebumps

Suki Panesar in EastEnders
Suki Panesar is keeping something from her family (Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Tonight marks the start of a HUGE week for the Panesar family...

While she might not be robbing warehouses like Phil Mitchell, Suki Panesar is quickly making her mark as the next big EastEnders villain.

Despite making her presence felt in Walford and in her family in a different way to the traditional soap baddie, Suki will show just how far she will go to protect her family this week.

It's no secret that Jags Panesar is leaving Albert Square, or that Suki's actions are the reason for her son's exit.

Suki Panesar EastEnders BBC

Ruthless Suki lied about having cancer to bring her family back together (Picture: BBC)

But actress Balvinder Sopal, who plays calculating Suki, has admitted that even she is a bit scared of her character...

"If I am completely honest with you I am afraid of Suki. I got goose bumps as I was filming some scenes!"

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But someone who really should be scared of Suki is poor Jags, who is about to find himself on the wrong side of this mother's wrath when he stands up to her.

"What’s really interesting is that I am finding out so many different things about her every single time we do a scene.

Jags announces his relationship in EastEnders

Jags Panesar risks his mother's wrath after revealing who he's dating! (Picture: BBC)

"She is a bit of an animal, she is a bit ruthless and she is unapologetic. She literally doesn’t care what anybody thinks of her."

Friends for life... 

But in real life, Balvinder and Amar Adatia, who played Jags, are great friends...

"I will miss him! He was lovely to work with, he was really funny and gentle we just had a laugh.

"We do keep in touch though and hopefully we will catch up in the next couple of weeks, depending on the COVID regulations of course!"

Walford domination 

But turning on her own son to protect the rest of the family isn't the only thing on Suki's agenda.

It seems she could also be quietly planning to take over the Square...

Suki Panesar EastEnders BBC

Suki is up to her old tricks again this week (Picture: BBC)

Having bought the Minute Mart, the Slaters' house and the pest control company, it seems Suki is a businesswoman on a mission...

"It’s exciting! I wonder what she’s going to buy next, is she going to buy the laundrette? Walford East? The Vic?!

"That would be another level for EastEnders, an Asian family behind the most iconic pub in the history of soap," Balvinder laughs. "It would just be brilliant!"

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