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CONFUSION as EastEnders announces THIS main character's unexpected exit

(Image credit: BBC)

Life is about to change dramatically for the Panesar family...

It has been revealed that EastEnders actor Amar Adatia, better known to fans as Walford's Jags Panesar, is leaving the soap.

Amar confirmed his departure will be taking place next month, after playing the role of Jags for a year.

Ben meets Jags

Amar is leaving EastEnders after a year of playing Jags Panesar (Picture: BBC)

His exit storyline will see Jags turn against his mum, Suki, with devastating consequences.

It has been confirmed that the actor has filmed his final scenes, having extended his contract to see the storyline out after lockdown prevented him from wrapping up filming earlier this year.

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Amar on his EastEnders exit...

Speaking of his exit from the soap, Amar said: "I always knew I'd only be in the show for a set period of time when I signed up.

"I had just finished shooting a film and had prior commitments to promote that, but then the pandemic hit and everything understandably got put on hold.

Habiba and Jags are still dating in secret in Eastenders

Jags' relationship with Habiba doesn't sit well with Suki (Picture: BBC)

"With timings all pushed back, I was more than happy to stay a little bit longer to make sure that we wrapped up Jags' storyline properly.

"I was really lucky to have those extra months filming and to spend time with everyone on set before I said goodbye."

A shock announcement 

Jags is set to announce his relationship with Habiba to his family, which is a huge step for him...

"It's a huge thing for Jags, because he's never really had his own mind," added Amar.

"He has always been told what to do, but now he is finally able to be honest and take a big step."

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But the news of his relationship doesn't go down well, and soon Suki will the make a shocking choice that sees Jags leaving the Square for good.

"Habiba is the angel on one aside and the devil on the other side is Suki, telling Jags what to do," laughs Amar.

"In the end the devil wins. I can't share too much about what happens, but it serves to further prove just how far Suki will go to get her way.

The Panesar brothers

Amar has become great friends with his on screen family in real life (Picture: BBC)

"EastEnders has been an amazing journey.

"I've become so close with my on screen family too - we talk every day, and we're always face timing, especially though lockdown.

"I've not got any brothers in real like, so they are like my siblings now!"

EastEnders airs Mondays at 8.05pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.35pm and Fridays at 8.30pm on BBC One - see our TV Guide for full listings.