Emmerdale fans left laughing as they notice Charity Dingle has stockpiled hand sanitiser


Viewers saw the funny side!

Keen-eyed Emmerdale fans were left rather amused after last night's episode when they noticed that character Charity Dingle had been stockpiling hand sanitiser and disinfectant.

While the scenes were filmed before the advice from the UK government to stop hoarding the essential items amid the Covid-19 outbreak, viewers couldn't help but point out Charity's cheeky stash.

Charity Emmerdale ITV

Fans were amused that Charity appeared to be hoarding hand gel (Picture: ITV)

Pub landlady Charity, who is played by Emma Atkins, was seen disinfecting the house since the early hours of the morning in a bid to protect her partner Vanessa from germs.

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Emmerdale fans will know that Vanessa had a recent operation to treat her bowel cancer, and Charity was determined she was going to have the house germ-free before Vanessa got home from the hospital.

Rhona Emmerdale ITV

Rhona arrived to see Vanessa and was shocked at the amount of hand gel Charity had (Picture: ITV)

As vet Rhona Goskirk arrived to pay a visit to the pair, she noticed the anti-bacterial cleaning supplies and pointed out, "That is a lot of hand sanitiser!"

And viewers were saying the same thing over on Twitter...

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By the time Vanessa made it home from the hospital the house was spotless, and Charity had even made some homemade soup for the occasion... which was very out of character for the flighty Dingle.

Charity and Vanessa ITV

Vanessa was grateful to have Charity's help once she was home form hospital (Picture: ITV)

Sadly for Emmerdale lovers, filming for the ITV smash hit soap has been stalled for the foreseeable future amid the global outbreak of the contagious virus.

Emmerdale’s scheduling pattern has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and now airs three episodes a week on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.

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