Emmerdale fans aghast at the actions of village ‘hypocrites’ during affair showdown

Emmerdale Chas Moira
Chas was called out – but who has the moral high ground? (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale’s big episode on Thursday proved that a soap isn’t the glass house you want to be living in if you are about to slam someone else for their morals!

The episode saw Chas’ affair with Al finally exposed after Paddy took Chas for a few days away.

Chas was glad to escape the heat in the village, after Belle confronted her over the fact that Chas had still been sleeping with Al right up until his death.

But Chas was in for a shock when she and Paddy reached their destination – it was the house Al was buying Chas for them to start their new life.

Paddy knew everything!


(Image credit: ITV)

After an emotional showdown, the pair headed back to Emmerdale where the rest of the village were quick to lay into Chas over her actions.

But while viewers loved the drama, they couldn’t help but think that the assembled villagers slamming Chas was a little rich – the residents all seemed to have forgotten that they were no saints themselves! 

Moira, after all, cheated on her first husband John with his brother, John – and even had his baby. When Cain later become Moira's hubby, she started romping with his son, Nate.


Moira kisses Nate in Emmerdale

Moira's totally forgotten about romping with the muscle-bound farmhand... (Image credit: ITV)

Belle, who exposed Chas,' affair with Al had her own fling with married Dr Bailey.

Chloe, who was berating Chas for on behalf on her mum – Al’s fiancée Kerry – is currently carrying the child of engaged villager Mack.

Meanwhile, even Paddy himself cheated on both his previous wives. He had a memorable affair with older postmistress, Viv Windsor, when married to Emily. Then he cheated on second wife Rhona with schoolteacher, Tess.

Emmerdale Dr Bailey Belle

Dr Bailey rang Belle's bells... (Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

But Viewers were quick to shatter the big glass houses these characters with very short memories seemed to live in.

"Hypocrite village!" summed up one.

While others were quick to remind the residents of their various indiscretions in a stream of tweets calling them out...

Hypocrites or not, the villagers are all set to give Chas the cold shoulder in the coming days, leaving her feeling more alone than ever this Christmas.

Is there really a future for her in the village now?

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