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Emmerdale fans "not ready" to face heartbreaking reality after latest episode

Emmerdale Faith in hospital
Faith faces the final curtain (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale's Faith decided to celebrate life by throwing a party in Thursday night's episode. 

But while the show's viewers enjoyed the fun scenes of the residents drinking and performing karaoke, there was a big emotional punch in the guts to come that they weren't expecting.

Faith was happy to see everyone happy

Faith was delighted to see everyone happy (Image credit: ITV)

Faith knows that her cancer is now untreatable and she doesn't have long to live.

So, she had the idea to throw an early wake for herself, and enjoy the good times while she still could.

Some were sceptical of the decision, but Faith was adamant.

With the party underway in the Woolpack, everyone was having a great time.

Faith opened the karaoke, belting Eye of the Tiger for the crowd.

Others soon got on stage, Cain and Nate performing Right Said Fred's I'm Too Sexy being a particular highlight.

Emmerdale Cain Nate karaoke

Which one is too sexy for you? (Image credit: ITV)

However, there was a big shock to come.

With the party in full swing, Faith suddenly collapsed. As she hit the deck, the whole pub panicked, fearing the worst. 

Faith was rushed to hospital, and did eventually wake up. But the doctors had news – and it wasn't good.


Faith was floored by her party (Image credit: ITV)

Faith learned the the cancer had now spread to her brain and she could expect her health to go downhill rapidly from now on.

When Faith asked to know exactly how long she'd got, the medics didn't want to commit.

But she pushed them for an answer. And we later discovered that Faith's now living on borrowed time.

Emmerdale Faith in hospital

Faith faces the end (Image credit: ITV)

Faith's story has been running for much of this year, so viewers always knew it was going to end one way.

But in soaps, one-in-a-million chances or medical miracles do happen – let's face it, producers sometimes don't let facts get in the way of a good story.

But any such hopes were totally dashed as Faith's final fate hit home for viewers.

And the message as clear –  we don't want her to go.

"I know she's just a character in a soap, but God I felt every line of 'the cancer's spread'," said one about the news.

While many agreed that they didn't want the popular character to leave.

"I can't watch Faith's death, it'll be so sad," lamented one. Another echoed, "I'm not ready for Faith to go."

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There's no doubt that Faith has been the life and soul of the village in recent months, and her departure is going to leave a big hole in the lives of many of the characters.

And us viewers watching at home are going to have to prepare ourselves too – it's going to be emotional, folks.

Emmerdale continues weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV — see our TV Guide for full listings.

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