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Emmerdale fans SICKENED after THIS chilling threat is issued


Tonight's Emmerdale saw an upsetting death that has left fans devastated...

Tonight's Emmerdale saw Moira Dingle left heartbroken when her prize bull, Bertie, was brutally murdered. But little does she realise, Cain Dingle knows more about the animal's death than he is letting on.

Cain has found himself caught up in trouble with corrupt officer Malone after he tried to get him off of Will's back.

Cain and Will take on Malone

Cain and Will have got themselves into hot water with Malone (Picture: ITV)

Fuming that drugs were being stashed at his garage, Cain decided to confront Malone, despite the fact Will warned him that it was a dangerous move.

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But instead of Cain successfully warning off Malone, he soon realised he has bitten off more than he can chew when he returned to the village following their meeting to find the garage trashed.

Despite Cain being annoyed, he was unaware that a few upturned tyres were the least of his troubles when Moira called and asked him to come to the farm.

Malone and Cain Emmerdale ITV

Cain's threats towards Malone didn't go down well... (Picture: ITV)

Once he arrived, Cain was stunned to see her sitting with police officers, and he couldn't cover his shock as the news that Moira's bull, Bertie, had been brutally killed.

As Moira relayed the story of how she came to find Bertie dead in his barn, Cain knew instantly that Malone was behind the killing.

Malone and Cain Emmerdale ITV

Moira was devastated to find her prize bull had been murdered (Picture: ITV)

But Cain wasn't the only one sickened by the whole ordeal, fans were also upset by the unnecessary death...

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However, this latest chilling threat from Malone was only made worse when the bent copper himself turned up at the farm and started questioning Moira and Cain about whether there was anyone who might have a vendetta against them.

Malone and Cain Emmerdale ITV

Cain was all too aware that this chilling threat had come from Malone (Picture: ITV)

Cain fought to contain his anger as Malone pretended to be the perfect police inspector... and things only got worse when Malone then issued another threat, this time aimed at Cain's young son, Isaac.

Could Isaac really be in danger? Or is Cain himself next on Malone's hit list?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.