Emmerdale fans spot a clue to the shocking twist in Mack's secret lover mystery

Mackenzie in Emmerdale
Mack's got a big case of the guilts – and a big secret! (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans are currently abuzz about the identity of Mackenzie Boyd's secret lover. And during Monday night's episode (September 5), they reckoned the soap dropped a big clue as to the identity of the person Mack slept with.

Last week, we saw Mack try to get some quality time with Charity in the wake of her ectopic pregnancy. He booked a wellness retreat via Belle to try and give Charity a treat and the chance to relax.

But the day wasn't a success, and some home truths emerged when Charity revealed that she didn't want to try for more kids. 


Charity and Mack's day of calmness became stormy. (Image credit: ITV)

Mack was left disappointed and things soon descended into an argument leading Mack to storm off.

Later, we saw Mack in bed with someone. But we only quickly glimpsed Mack's lover's hand and were given no clues to the identity of the bedmate.

With Charity now wanting to put things right between them, Mack is clearly full of guilt over his liaison. And this week, viewers thought they spotted a big clue to just who his secret lover is.

Emmerdale Mack in bed

You've got to hand it to Mack – he's messed up! (Image credit: ITV)

Monday night's episode saw Mack admit to Nate that he had slept with someone else.

But viewers were intrigued by his language, noting that he referred to his lover as 'they' rather than 'she'.

"They made me a promise," he said on their deal to keep the liaison secret. "And believe me, they will have a lot more to lose than me if this ever comes out."

Emmerdale Mack and Nate

Mack confessed to mate Nate. (Image credit: ITV)

Fans have so far been throwing all sorts of names around — Belle, Chloe, even a final fling for poorly Faith has been mooted. But could the twist be that this 'they' is actually a man?

"While he was talking to Nate he ever said 'she' as normally you would if it was a woman," pointed out one viewer. While another noted, "Mack kept saying 'they'. Hmm."

A couple of fans even named who they thought the lover was. "Mack was with Aaron 100%," stated one, predicting a big drama being lined up for the Aaron's return to the village in a few week's time. 

While another guessed. "Mack slept with Marcus."

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Whatever the truth may be, it seems we may be set to find out sooner rather than later.

Spoilers for next week's Emmerdale see Mack take a phone call from his secret lover and realise it's not going to be so easy to put the fling behind him.

But who will it be revealed to be when Mack's indiscretion finally comes to light?

Emmerdale continues weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV — see our TV Guide for full listings.

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