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Eagle-eyed Emmerdale fans STUNNED to spot FORGOTTEN storyline


Jamie Tate appears to have a very selective memory...

Emmerdale fans have branded Jamie Tate a hypocrite tonight after he handily forgets cheating on his wife.

Things have been far from perfect between Jamie and Andrea Tate since the news that Andrea had a fling with Graham Foster years ago was revealed on Christmas Day.

Jamie and Andrea Emmerdale ITV

Jamie told Andrea that her kiss with a stranger left him jealous (Picture: ITV)

But while the pair might have eventually made amends since then, Kim Tate's game playing has made sure the pair have been at loggerheads for months.

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However, after Kim framed Andrea earlier this week by filming her sharing a sneaky kiss with a man she believed was a client of the wedding business, Jamie has finally realised that his mum is a nasty piece of work.

Jamie and Andrea ITV

Jamie conveniently seems to be forgetting his kiss with Belle earlier this year (Picture: ITV)

But while Kim thought she had the upper hand, Jamie confronted her about her stirring before announcing he was moving out.

Today's Emmerdale saw Jamie and Andrea having a heart-to-heart about where their relationship can go from here, and when Andrea admitted she shared a kiss with the man who turned out to be working for Kim, Jamie surprised himself by getting jealous.

Jamie Tate, Emmerdale ITV

Jamie and Belle shared a forbidden kiss back in February (Picture: ITV)

As Jamie told his wife that no one should be allowed to kiss her but him, fans pointed out that he was conveniently forgetting his kiss with Belle last month...

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With Andrea and Jamie now an item once again, it looks like their family of three is reunited at last. But where does this leave Belle?

Jamie and Andrea Emmerdale ITV

Jamie and Andrea are back together, but for how long? (Picture: ITV)

Spoilers for next week have revealed that Jamie and Belle are set to reignite their passion once again, so could Jamie and Andrea's reunion be short-lived?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

Emmerdale’s scheduling pattern will be changing due to the coronavirus pandemic, and will air Monday to Friday at 7pm on ITV from Monday 30th March.